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Injured? Consult with a Bus Crash Attorney to Discuss Your Legal Rights

Buses and motorcoaches are convenient and affordable methods of transportation. Workers, travelers, vacationers and children board busses every day to reach their destination. When negligence causes an accident, the number of severe injuries may be staggering. If you have been injured by negligence and believe you have a claim, contact a bus accident attorney. For a free case evaluation, call 1-800-BURNETTI.

Investigating Your Bus Accident

Proving liability in a bus accident can be complicated, as buses are owned and operated by both government entities and private entities. An experienced bus crash attorney can investigate your potential claim to establish the responsible party and determine negligence in accidents involving:

    • School busses
    • Public busses or trolleys
    • Theme park and attraction busses
    • Airport shuttles
    • Party busses
    • Private tour operator motorcoaches

Although driver fatigue, negligent driving, defective parts, damaged roads, improper bus maintenance, faulty equipment, and other factors are not guaranteed to cause a bus accident, they may increase the possibility of one happening. To determine the cause of an accident, a Florida bus accident lawyer at Burnetti, P.A may conduct extensive research, including investigating the accident scene, preserving evidence, gathering witness testimony, and working with experts.

Contact a Bus Crash Attorney that Represents Injury Victims

A bus wreck can cause long-lasting and devastating pain. If you were injured or lost a loved one due to a negligent party or defective parts, you deserve to be compensated. A bus crash attorney may be able to help you. Burnetti, P.A. represents victims in Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, and across the state of Florida. For a free consultation, fill out the case evaluation form or call 1-800-BURNETTI.