Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer

Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a bus accident? Are you the victim of a bus-related crash? Perhaps you were a passenger on a bus that collided with a different vehicle. Or, you may have been in the vehicle hit by the bus. There is also an unfortunate scenario where pedestrians are struck by a bus while standing on the sidewalk or crossing the street. Any of these scenarios will likely require the help of a Tampa bus accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Regardless of how this type of story begins, it always ends in some form of tragedy. Why?

Keep in mind that nearly 900,000 buses travel on roads throughout the U.S. each day. Millions of people rely on these vehicles to commute to work, attend school, run errands and address other to-do list items. Like a pebble dropped in a lake, the ripple effect of a simple bus accident can drastically change a person’s life forever. In addition to the physical trauma associated with these accidents, there is also the emotional and mental trauma the victim must consider – especially if a daily bus ride serves as a cornerstone of their daily routine.

There is an abundance of unanswered questions that emerge in the aftermath of these tragic events. Fortunately, you can rely on a Tampa personal injury lawyer to help you get the answers and justice that you deserve. Call Burnetti, P.A. today at 1-888-BURNETTI

Why Should I Hire a Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer? 

As you focus on recovering from your bus accident, you are more than likely overwhelmed by your growing pile of expenses. Various aspects of your life may have come to a screeching halt at the moment of impact – such as your daily living activities, work schedule, and overall routine. However, recurring bills and other overhead expenses seem to only get “green lights” when heading in your direction. Therefore, it is understandable for you to buckle down on your other expenditures and remove anything that is not a necessity from your family budget.

This leads many to believe that investing in a Tampa bus accident lawyer is not a wise decision. The common misconception is that the average person cannot afford an accident lawyer to handle this matter. On the contrary, you cannot afford not to hire one. Why?


You will be approached by opposing counsel, insurance companies, law enforcement officials and even the bus company. How do you handle these conversations? Which questions do you answer? Which questions do you ignore? How do you respond to the letters, emails and voicemail messages?


If you decide to file a claim against the bus company and/or insurance company, then you may be summoned to appear in court as part of the process. How would you handle this courtroom experience? What is the best way to prevent yourself from making the situation worse?


You will undoubtedly have a vast number of questions, concerns, and issues that lead you down a dead-end path to confusion. Who will you turn to for assistance? Who can offer the expert guidance you need to get back on the road to justice?

This image shows a Tampa bus accident with a school bus hitting a passenger vehicle.
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What if I Have an Open-Shut Bus Accident Case? 

Another misconception when handling bus-related crashes and accidents is the illusion of the “open-shut case.” The situation may seem cut-and-dry to you – especially if you were not at-fault and there is substantial evidence that shifts the negligence and fault to another party. The grim reality, though, is that there is no such thing as an “open-shut” case. Regardless of how the picture is painted, it can still be interpreted differently in a courtroom.

Therefore, you must trust in the knowledge and expertise of a Tampa bus accident lawyer to represent you both in and out of the courtroom. With such options as pre-trial negotiations and settlement discussions, your Tampa bus accident attorney might even be able to handle your entire case from start to finish without requiring you to step foot in a courtroom at all.

Is There a Difference Between City and Private Buses? 

When addressing the aftermath of a bus-related crash or accident, the type of bus involved plays an instrumental role. For instance, there may be an imposed limit with what you can receive for recovery purposes if the accident involves a city bus.

If it was a privately-owned bus that caused the accident, you and your attorney would essentially be placed on the same playing field as ordinary automobile accidents and personal injury claims. However, the rules change slightly when working with city buses due to the law of “sovereign immunity.” This law basically protects city buses – capping liability for these types of accidents at $300,000. What if your claim exceeds that amount? Does this mean you must settle for a lesser amount? Not necessarily! Working alongside a Tampa bus accident lawyer will help you to weigh your options and determine how to recover your full claim from other parties involved.

Should I Go to the Doctor Immediately After a Bus-Related Crash?

  • “I feel fine.”
  • “There is no need to go to the hospital.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with me – only bumps and bruises.”

These common responses often mislead bus accident victims – especially if they seem to only suffer minor injuries (if any at all). After any accident, the wonderful surprise of survival may cause anyone to just sweep everything else under the rug to hurry home and reunite with their families – refusing to go to the doctor at all for further examination or treatment.

These misleading responses can easily persuade you to walk away from the justice that you deserve in a bus accident lawsuit or personal injury claim. More importantly, walking away from a bus-related crash without seeking medical attention can quickly become a life-threatening decision.

Keep in mind that adrenaline and shock can overwhelm the brain and the body after a tragic accident – concealing the severity of the internal damage caused by the experience. From brain damage and spinal injuries to internal bleeding and possible clots, there is a lot that can be going wrong with your brain and body that only a licensed healthcare professional can properly identify and diagnose. It does not matter if you want to pursue a lawsuit or personal injury claim against an opposing party. You should never view going to the doctor after a bus-related crash as an option under any circumstances.

This accident shows a bus accident with a car crushed beneath the bus.
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What Else Should I Do If I Was Injured? 

As referenced above, you should seek medical attention from a licensed healthcare professional regardless of the extent of your injuries. However, it does not just stop with visiting the doctor. There are other steps that you should take, which your Tampa bus accident lawyer can assist you with completing. For instance:

Documentation Beats Conversation

Make sure that you get documentation of everything related to the crash. Medical records, X-ray photographs, prescriptions, discharge paperwork, and doctor’s notes will play a key role in any future claim that you file.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Take pictures of everything! Place a priority on taking pictures of your injuries as soon as possible. Initial photographs are important, but you also want to photograph the progression of the injuries and bodily damage – especially any signs of bleeding, swelling, inflammation or fractures.

Trust in Your Lawyer

Once you have retained a Tampa bus accident lawyer, you can rest assured in knowing that you and your case are in great hands. Follow the steps and instructions outlined by your lawyer to give yourself the best chance of getting the justice that you deserve!

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