Prevent a Winter Car Accident During the Holidays in Lakeland, Florida


Car accidents in Lakeland, FL, are especially common during the holidays. Naturally, fatalities are the worst outcome in any collision, yet they are tragically common during this time of the year. While traveling through Florida is part of the fun of getting to a destination, during the holidays, these can be some of the busiest roads in our country. Below, we discuss a few helpful tips to prevent a winter car accident in Florida this holiday season.

Safe Winter Driving Tips From A Lakeland, FL Car Accident Attorney

To Avoid A Winter Car Accident In Lakeland, FL, Have The Correct Air Pressure

The tires work to support the entire weight of the car, which is why it is important to have the correct air pressure in the tires. The air in a car’s tires tends to expand as the tires get hot, and then contract as they cool down, which means that during the colder months, it is normal for pressure to decrease, which can be a threat to your driving. Be sure to check pressure throughout winter to maintain healthy tires. If you are involved in an accident as a result of poor tire pressure, talk to a Lakeland car accident attorney right away.

Go Slowly And Avoid Abrupt Braking

Any kind of abrupt movement in a car can result in a swift transfer of weight, resulting in damaging effects. Try to minimize skidding by only braking lightly and make use of on and off motions when you come to a stop. If you drive a manual car, avoid abrupt downshift which may lead to the skidding of the wheels.

Limit All Distractions

Radio dials, phones, and other passengers can all take your attention off the road. When driving in winter conditions, remain alert and focused at all times so that you may react efficiently and quickly when needed. It is easy to get distracted by even the slightest thing. Answering a text or changing your radio station should not be on your mind when you are driving, no matter the weather or time of year. The safety of you, your passengers, and other road users should be your number one priority.

Increase Following Distance

When you take to the road in winter weather conditions, the likelihood of a winter car accident increases, which is why it is important to leave a considerable amount of space between your car and the car in front of you. Use the six-second rule so that when the car in from passes a fixed point on the road ahead, it ought to take you six seconds before you get to the same point. This can help to prevent a potential crash if the car in front comes to a sudden stop. If you are being tailgated by another car, change lanes and give the other driver space.

Try Not to Use Cruise Control

For some drivers on the road in Lakeland, FL, using cruise control is second nature. It helps stave off leg fatigue and may even prevent speeding. But, using cruise control in hazardous conditions may be unsafe. Try to make an effort to ensure you are not using it when driving in hail, ice, or even snow. If the car skids in cruise control, there is a likelihood of it continuing to accelerate and spin out, leading to a winter car accident. If another car spins out, crashing into your car, talk to a Lakeland car accident attorney about your right to seek compensation for damages.

Plan Ahead

Regardless of whether you have a long or short commute over the holidays, be sure to plan ahead and allow for additional travel time. Before you head off on the road, check the conditions of the roads and the latest weather reports. Sometimes, it may be worth delaying your trip by a day to avoid poor road conditions and congested traffic.

If You Have Been In A Winter Car Accident, Talk To A Lakeland, FL Car Accident Attorney Today

These tips should help you when driving on Florida’s roads this holiday season. If you take all the necessary precautionary measures, but you are still involved in a winter car accident, you will need a dedicated Lakeland car accident attorney on your side to navigate the complex world of insurance, compensation, and fight for what you are legally entitled to if the accident was not your fault.

Contact the team at the Burnetti, P.A. Firm for a consultation if you or your loved ones are involved in a car accident this holiday season.