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Florida Insurance Attorneys

Insurance companies are required to uphold the policies they sell. If payment of your valid claim is delayed or denied, an insurance attorney at Burnetti, P.A. may be able to help you obtain the benefits you pay for.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Strong hail storm in a neighborhood in Florida

Insurance companies sell policies to policyholders to help them through difficult times and to provide peace of mind against misfortunes. You depend on the insurance company to fulfill their policy if weather or an unfortunate incident destroys or damages your home, if you are facing a serious illness, or if you suffered an injury in an accident. Insurance companies have a duty to act in “good faith” to their policyholders and to fulfill agreements; unfortunately, profit-motivated companies may delay payments or deny valid claims relating to:

Insurance companies may also misrepresent information, fail to disclose information or engage in dishonest settlement negotiations. When this occurs, they are acting in “bad faith.”

Insurance Bad Faith

If an insurance company is acting in “bad faith,” a policyholder may be able to file a lawsuit against the company for a tort claim and a breach of contract claim. A tort claim would provide the policyholder with punitive damages. Punitive damages are court awarded compensation that is more than the measurable value of the damages and are intended to punish the wrongdoer for their conduct. If punitive damages are awarded, the policyholder may receive more than the original value of the policy.

Home Owners Insurance Lawyers

Homeowners’ insurance is designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind; however, insurance companies may deny valid claims, delay payment, undervalue a loss, or refuse to pay to have a problem fixed correctly. If you are experiencing difficulties with your claim, homeowners’ insurance lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. may be able to help.

The Insurer’s Responsibility

Homeowners’ insurance policies are a combination of property insurance and liability insurance.  The home and contents are generally protected from weather, fire, theft, sinkholes, accidents and other incidents that may cause damage under the property terms of the policy. Under the liability terms, if an injury occurs on the property the insurance must provide legal defense if the injured person sues.

Enforcing the Contact

Insurance companies have financial motivation to unreasonably delay payment or deny valid claims. Homeowners’ insurance lawyers at Burnetti, P.A. litigate insurance dispute claims and hold insurance companies responsible for upholding the policy, which is a contract between the homeowner and the insurance company. If found to be acting in bad faith, insurance companies may also be held liable for punitive damages in addition to the coverage originally owed.

Help for Insurance Coverage Disputes

denied insurance claim can make an already difficult and challenging period in your life even worse. It may cause unnecessary stress and create an additional burden. An insurance attorney may be able to help homeowners, commercial, life, automobile and other types of insurance policyholders resolve disputes and hold insurance companies responsible for the policies they issue. You don’t need to fight your delayed or denied claim alone – contact Burnetti, P.A. to help you battle for the compensation you deserve.

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