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Clearwater, FL personal injury attorneys In the event of a severe injury, the issue of hiring a Clearwater personal injury attorney is a priority. You will need to get yourself a lawyer who has the skills and experience to handle your case. He should be aware of the laws of the land regarding a personal injury lawsuit.
Burnetti, P.A in Clearwater has personal injury attorneys who can handle your case without compromising their integrity. We have no affiliation with insurance companies as all our focus is on individual clients.  After an accident, talk to us and through the free consultation, we will have your compensation claim filed. We believe in justice for all, and due to this, we charge after winning a compensation claim. If you do not get a settlement once we file your claim, we will not ask for payment from you. You will not lose by working with us after that injury. Never risk your compensation by filing a case without legal help as you can easily lose. If you filed a claim, but you detect foul play by the insurer, call us and let us help you. We are friendly, and you will find it easy to work with us. We have handled more complex cases at our offices in Clearwater and have succeeded. If the accident resulted in serious injuries, most insurance companies would pay less than what you deserve. You need a Clearwater personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get what your injuries are worth. In cases where several people get injured, you need a lawyer. He will argue your case and make sure that you get compensated for your suffering. We are always ready to render our help when you need us.

The Importance of Having An Experienced Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

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Suffering from a Clearwater personal injury can lead to confusion that will make it impossible to think straight. You will not be able to manage the pain in your body and follow up your compensation. Among the benefits that you will get from hiring a lawyer are:

Better understanding of the legal process

Burnetti P.A Clearwater lawyers fully understand the law that will apply in each case. Even if the case becomes complex, he knows what to do, and this will lead to positive results. He will assist in the filing of the claim, gathering of evidence, and negotiating for better pay.

He will negotiate a better settlement

Some insurance companies will take advantage of you if you do not have legal representation. Having a lawyer on your side will get you a better settlement as he knows what each case deserves. Instead of waiting until it is too late to contact us as this will delay the case.

An experienced lawyer has a better connection

When you contact us to handle your Clearwater personal injury compensation, we know the witnesses that will strengthen your case. The tricks that have worked for other clients in the past will also help us win your case.

Other parties have lawyers

Most insurance companies get represented by lawyers and for this reason, you need one as well. At Burnetti P.A, we are equipped to handle any challenge that may come your way.

He knows what your claim is worth

With the many years we have been providing legal services, we know the amount that each injury deserves. We will get sufficient settlement based on the injuries, pain, and other medical needs.

He takes pride in your victory

The greatest joy of an attorney is when his clients win a case. He will go to any length to prove the case as his payment will only be when you get settled.

Types of Cases Our Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

At Burnetti P.A in Clearwater, we are able to handle numerous cases at any time. We have a team who specializes in diverse cases to ensure you never lack legal representation. To ensure that you get the right representation, we offer free consultation. In doing this, we will know the right attorney to assign your case. We will take care of the legal issues as you concentrate on treating your injuries. From filing the claim to getting your settlement, we will be there with you. Below are some cases that our lawyers will handle:

Car Accident

There are instances when a car accident case will get settled before going to trial. At other times, the parties fail to agree and the option is going to court. Our attorney will work with you to prove that the other party was at fault. He will also prove that the accident led to the injury. In the case, the lawyer will prove that the other driver’s negligence caused to the injury. If he had been careful, the accident will not have happened. If you also contributed to the accident, your compensation gets affected. The amount earned will be much less in this case. There are some states that will decline personal injury compensation if you were partly at fault. This will be devastating as you will bear the burden alone without any settlement. Our Clearwater Attorneys will ensure that you get due compensation as this is our obligation and passion. If an accident happens, call us immediately so that we can offer legal advice. We will gather enough evidence from the crime scene and from the witness. This will form the basis of our case which will are sure to win. We only charge after winning the case to prove that we are on your side.

Nursing Home

It is not easy to have your loved one settle in a nursing home. It is more difficult to discover that they are suffering due to negligence from the caregivers. If you notice cases of negligence or abuse, getting all the facts right is the first step. You will need to link to what happened to your loved one and the nursing home. If there is personal injury, you need to show that the nursing home’s negligence caused it. You should report to the authorities for proper investigation. Since the nursing home has a nursing home lawyer, you need one as well to stand a winning chance. Our Clearwater personal injury attorney can handle your case and ensure you get a settlement. He will negotiate on your behalf to see if you can get a settlement out of court. If this is impossible, he will file your case and push for your due settlement. You may not fully understand the law and this is why you need us on your side. We have handled other similar cases and won and this should give you hope. However hard it is, we are up to the task. Our integrity is never compromised and we never collaborate with insurance companies.

Workers Compensation

Clearwater's worker welding If you suffer from injuries when carrying out your duties at work, you need to pursue a compensation. You will do this after getting treatment for the injuries caused. Most of the time, the case will take one year or less if you collaborate with your lawyer. When you come to us, our attorney will help you to file a claim petition. Your employer has 30 days to respond to the claim after which the case will begin. Both parties will produce evidence with the aim of winning the case. There will be another examination by a doctor and with the findings; both parties will present their case. There is a possibility of agreeing to a settlement before proceeding to court. If there is a disagreement, going to trial will be mandatory. Burnetti P.A Clearwater holds a high level of integrity and all our past customers can attest to it. Your success is our driving force as we only collect payment if you win the case. We will not just argue your case; we will get you the highest possible compensation. Book an appointment with our workers compensation lawyer today and we will take up your case until we get you a just settlement.

Airplane Accident

People consider air travel as a safe transport means but there are instances when accidents occur. If you get an injury in an airplane accident, one of our attorneys will assist you to file a claim. This will depend on what caused the accident. He will prove that the parties involved failed in their duties which led to the airplane accident.

Bike Accident

Bike accidents can lead to serious injuries and to get compensated, you need to hire a good bike accident lawyer. At Burnetti P.A Clearwater, we have attorneys waiting to take up your case. We will consider the cause of the accident and gather evidence to support your case so that you get compensated.

Birth Injuries

A birth injury is a serious complication that could leave you or your child permanently disabled. When you contact our Clearwater birth injuries attorney, he will get the evidence to prove your case. You will get a settlement for the bills you will incur, emotional pain, and other expenses. We will only get paid when you get compensated.

Boating Accident

Medium size boats in Clearwater, FL A boating accident can happen to you or your loved one and this could lead to injuries or death. Such incidences will leave in a confused state and you may not know what to do. You can contact our Clearwater boating accident attorney to take care of your legal matters as you seek treatment.

Brain Injuries

A head injury can tamper with your mental and physical functioning which is a huge drawback. You will not be in a position to pursue your case and this is why we are here. Our Clearwater personal injury lawyer will do what is necessary to win the case and have your settlement paid.

Burn Injuries

A burn injury can result from car accidents, explosions, or even defective products. We can handle such cases at our law firm in Clearwater. We will seek compensation based on the degree of the burn either by direct negotiation or a court case. Talk to us and allow us to make the recovery process easier for you.

Bus Accidents

If you get into a private or public bus accident, you deserve a settlement for the injuries and the losses incurred. Our bus accident lawyer will build a case so that you can secure the finances required to offset the losses. All you need is to contact us and we will seek the evidence needed to win the case.

Construction Accident

Construction accidents can result from electric faults, machine malfunction, explosion, and trip and fall, among others. When you get an injury at work, you need to prove your case before getting a settlement. This is our specialty and we will work together to ensure that you get justice promptly.

Defective Drugs

Our Clearwater law firm has handled multiple defective drugs cases in the past. If you are a victim of defective drugs, we will gather enough evidence and file your case. We will see to its completion and once you get settled, you can pay for the services. Call our offices today and together, let us walk the path of justice.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Most people understand the implication of drunk driving but they still do this. This can result in serious accidents that will affect even the innocent. If a drunk driver causes an accident, you deserve a settlement, and we will ensure you get it. Call our Clearwater offices today and let us help you win the case.

Emergency Room Error

Numerous cases of emergency room errors have occurred in the past. They range from a wrong diagnosis, delayed treatment, and medication error, among others. Our legal office in Clearwater can handle any case however complex. Make that call and allow us to help you win that settlement within a short time.

Hurricane Insurance

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need an insurance cover for the same. If you are yet to take an insurance cover, talk to one of our hurricane insurance lawyer at Burnetti P.A attorneys. He will advise you of the right cover for you that will cover your losses if a hurricane strikes.

Insurance Dispute

An insurance company may refuse to pay your claim unreasonably or excludes a clause in your policy without notice. The company may also take too long to pay your claim. At our law firm in Clearwater, we can help to speed up the process. We will file a case in your favor so that the processing can be fast.

Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents result from technical mishaps, oil leaks, and grounding of ships, among others. If you get an injury as a result of a maritime accident, our Clearwater personal injury attorney is ready to file a case on your behalf. He will take full responsibility for every process until you get a settlement.

Medical Malpractice

At times a physician may offer substandard services leading to injuries or even death. He may fail to diagnose, warn about the risks involve or fail to treat. When you contact us to help you, we will prove there was a medical malpractice and seek compensation. When you get your dues, you can then pay your lawyer’s fee.

Mesothelioma Asbestos

If you are subjected to asbestos for a prolonged period, you can develop mesothelioma. The case involving asbestos is complex as the results can happen 15 or 60 years after exposure. You need a lawyer to prove such a case as it will be impossible to do this yourself.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians on sidewalk waiting on vehicles to cross If you accidentally hit a pedestrian, he can file a claim against your insurance company. You are required to have a third party insurance to handle such cases. If you notice that a pedestrian is suing you for the accident, inform the insurer. You should also talk to our pedestrian accident lawyer so that he will direct you if a case takes a complex turn.

Premises Liability

You can file a lawsuit against a property owner if you get an injury due to his negligence. It is the obligation of the caretaker or the property owner to keep it in order. To stand a better chance, contact a premises liability lawyer at our Clearwater offices, and we will act on your behalf.

Product Liability

A product liability case is complex, and only a sharp legal mind can succeed in winning it. We have a product liability attorney in Clearwater. Call us today, and he will assist you to get a settlement for the damages caused. You will not be asked to submit a payment deposit before the case proceeds.

Retirement Home Abuse

Numerous retirement home abuse cases go unnoticed as the parties involved don’t report. Instead of getting care and attention, they are subjected to inhuman treatment. At Burnetti P. A. in Clearwater, we can handle such cases and ensure that your loved one gets justice.

Sexual Assault

If you get accused of sexual assault, you will need good legal representation to win the case. The prosecutor is after proving you guilty at all cost. To get off this, you need to hire one of our lawyers to speak on your behalf. All our sexual assault lawyers have the experience and have won more complicated cases in the past.

Slip and Fall

If you slip and fall in a private, commercial or government property, it is possible to get compensation for it. If you were partially responsible for the fall, the compensation would be less. However, if the fall resulted from the negligence of the owner, you will get highly compensated.

Social Security Disability

To win your social disability case, there is a procedure that you should follow. Failure to do this will deny you the benefits. You can seek the services of a social security disability attorney to help in the application. He will also offer advice on the dos and don’ts when the process is ongoing.

Spinal Cord Injuries

To file a spinal cord injury case, you need a lawyer to help you gather enough evidence. Together, you will determine hose severe the injury is. You will calculate the damages suffered due to the spinal cord injury. You need to contact us early enough as there is a limit to the filing of such cases.

Train Accident

Train accidents are as a result of a driver’s negligence, equipment failure or human error. Our Clearwater personal injury lawyer has handled multiple cases in the past. The experience will enable him to file a case on your behalf and get your compensation. All you need is to call us and provide the information required to file the case.

Truck Accident

After a truck accident, the evidence may prove that you were partly at fault. In such a case, our truck accident lawyer will ensure that you get fair compensation. You will get your payment based on your fault when the accident occurred.

Uber Accident

Uber driver on his car near Clearwater With Burnetti P.A Uber accident attorneys, it is possible to get a settlement from Uber after an accident. You will get compensated for medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. You will also get a settlement for your pain. If you will not be able to work in future due to a disability, there is compensation too.

Wrongful Death

To file a winning petition if your loved one dies a wrongful death, you need a good lawyer. Our Clearwater personal injury attorney has handled multiple cases and won most of them. He will take up your case until you get the right settlement for the loss.

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