Why Victims Retain an Attorney in Car Accident Cases

If you’re one of the thousands involved in car accident suits across Florida each year, chances are good you’ll get compensated. After compensation, you’ll spend months, or years, healing from an accident. The negligent party may have increased insurance premiums, or carry on as nothing happened.

While many know how car accident claims are fought, others may wonder why fighting car accidents with an attorney make sounder financial sense than fighting alone.

For One, Insurers Are Bullies

Imagine fighting the most physically intimidating person you’ve ever seen. They’re tall, muscular, and experienced. By all accounts, you’re no match for them, making this fight senseless from the start. So you run, hoping that you’ll outrun them to the farthest corner of the Earth.

That’s an excellent summary of what accident victims face when dealing with insurers. Intimidating, quick-witted, and scores of attorneys across America sitting by their phones waiting to defend claims against them, and insurers who care nothing about how you feel. It’s all about settling quickly and brushing the incident under the rug.

Bullying victims, while they’re down, is commonplace for insurance adjusters and their ilk. Those who believe they deserve hefty paydays for their inconveniences are often shot down, instead of settling for thousands less than their accident is worth. Not on your attorney’s watch.

Because It’s Your Fault, Too. Right?

Both the negligent driver and the insurer can’t stand being implicated. Clearly, the driver plowed through an obvious red light, nailing your front quarter-panel and sending your vehicle careening into the side of that bridge. Thankfully, the construction was solid enough to prevent your car from tumbling down an embankment.

Unfortunately, the driver believes that you shouldn’t have been legally driving through your green light. Perhaps they believe you exceeded the posted speed limit. Or, maybe you were talking on your cell phone. Doesn’t matter if you’re injured or not; you’re believed to be comparatively negligent.

It’s common for drivers to strike back. They’ll lose their license or face jail if drunk, watch their insurance premiums skyrocket, and add themselves to the growing list of Florida’s at-fault drivers responsible for the steady increases in yearly insurance premiums of responsible drivers. Fight alone, and you face blame for things you’d never imagine were legal. Hire an attorney, and the wrongdoers and insurers scatter like scared mice.

Some Doctors Aren’t Always Working For You

Victims usually take medical examinations as their opportunity to get medications, receive stitches, and head down the road. But what victims don’t realize is that some doctors may be unfavorable to their car accident claim.

Physicians under the law have to comport themselves with equanimity in all areas of public health and policy. Most doctors abide by their commandments, while others enjoy their role as co-conspirators to whatever devious plan insurance companies are devising.

Maybe their knee really isn’t that badLet me, doctor, this form to the patient looks better off than they really are. That’s the false narrative doctors may feed to your insurer, who will then combine the adjuster’s assessment of damages and throw peanuts your way.

Car accident attorney intervention means you’ll have a fighting chance to have the right diagnosis the first time – even if that means visiting several doctors to collect identical opinions.

Negotiations Are Tough Without Working Knowledge Of The Law

Victims could indeed make it through the smoke and mirrors thrown their way by insurers, their counsel, and the negligent party themselves. However, fighting all three simultaneously without knowledge of insurance law is not only a risky proposition but one that often ends fruitlessly.

Some car accident attorneys are the well-practiced insurance attorney necessary to reiterate areas of law that insurers may have forgotten. Using legalese, a serious tone, and threats of an expensive litigation process, attorneys often achieve greater settlements during negotiations than individuals who settle for a pittance.

Car Accidents Leading To Death Are Emotionally Tolling

Families of those killed in car accidents would rather not fight an entity and their legal team during their time of grieving. In fact, they’d rather not relive the horrific event that took their spouse, child, or sibling, but the insurance company will ready to talk compensation anyway.

Accidental deaths have one responsible party and one aggrieving party. Normally, an investigation and thorough examination of facts and medical evidence will determine the extent of compensation sought. Insurers will shoot much lower figures than an attorney will present them. Finally, if necessary, a jury will decide the award, which could climb into the seven-figure zone or higher if the expected loss of income and emotional damage merit such.

Quite frankly, survivors don’t feel like dealing with legalities in deadly accidents. The few that have decided to fight alone received far less than they deserved, an injustice to the loved one they lost.

You Deserve The Greatest Outcome For Your Inconvenience

You or your loved one only wanted to commute to work. Nobody asked the driver to sideswipe your vehicle, but here you are – attorney shopping. Someone that knows more than you can secure something larger than the original offer.

Attorneys attend years of schooling to engage in uncomfortable conversations with other attorneys, insurers, doctors, courts, and everyone involved with your accident. Some endure sleepless nights fighting the greater good.

Your inconvenience is worthy of professional remediation. Insurers shouldn’t belittle, bully or cause undue hardship when it’s time to request claims payment, yet they’re notorious for it. An attorney can right the many wrongs victims of car accidents endure throughout the aftermath of their accident.

Finally, Attorneys Charge Based On Their Skill

Car accident attorneys fight cases without upfront costs. They bear the expenses associated with filing, expert analyses, medical reviews, driving to and from various meetings, and payroll. Once the settlement check arrives, they’re fair about taking their fees.

Victims of terrifying car accidents deserve over-the-top representation of their cases. A free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney awaits you, but you must contact Burnetti, P.A.today. Florida’s statute of limitations affords victims four years from the accident to file their claim.