Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Its Value in Florida

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage has been defined in a variety of ways, however, the crux of these definitions is the same; this coverage protects an insured and the insured’s family from drivers who have no insurance – or not enough insurance – to compensate people for injuries caused by negligence. The value of this type of coverage is difficult to understate, particularly in states with high uninsured driver rates.

An institute related to researching insurance issues estimated that twenty-three percent (23%) of Florida drivers were uninsured in the year 2010.

(This estimate does not appear to consider the amount of Florida drivers who were insured but did not purchase the type of coverage that would pay for injuries to others). Based upon this estimate, more than 1 in 5 drivers on the road in Florida failed to have insurance coverage in the year 2010. For those Florida drivers who were injured by an uninsured driver, uninsured motorist coverage was critical. Without the coverage, those Florida drivers had no means to be compensated for injuries caused by the uninsured driver. With the coverage, the injured driver may have pursued a claim against his or her own insurance for the injuries caused by the uninsured driver.

If you require more information about your coverage, please speak to an insurance agent. The last news at Burnetti, P.A. we want to provide is the negligent driver was uninsured and you have no uninsured motorist coverage. That means we cannot pursue a recovery for your injuries.

Jeff Diamond, Burnetti, P.A.