Unregulated and Illegal Ridesharing for Cash Thrives in Florida

Ridesharing has been popularized in recent years by companies like Uber and Lyft. When ridesharing kicked off as a transportation option, many people had concerns regarding its safety and reliability. However, by putting a variety of checks and balances in place, giants like Uber have now ensured that their rides are safe, drivers are licensed and vetted, and safety standards are observed. Unregulated and illegal ridesharing for cash thrives in Florida.

This stands in contrast to a new trend of unregulated ‘cash’ rides that are thriving in Florida. These are similar to Uber, except that you use random social media pages and links to book the rides. They also cost relatively less and you can pay cash without any qualms. Reports suggest that there is a rise in the use of such rides across Florida and these are now being offered in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and other cities.

However, ridesharing-for-cash comes fraught with many risks. For one, you have no idea who the driver is and what kind of person he or she is. Companies like Lyft will check the background of a driver to ascertain that he or she is licensed, has no criminal record, and is permitted to drive in the state. But the ridesharing ‘black market’ has no such checks in place. So you can’t know if the driver you are riding with is a criminal, drug dealer, or someone with a revoked license.

In fact, many drivers choose to offer their rides in this way only when they don’t meet the requirements of Uber, Lyft, and other notable companies.

Insurance experts have warned people to stay away from such unregulated rides as many drivers carry no insurance. In the event of an accident and injury, riders may not be able to recover insurance damages. This means you will be liable to cover the expensive medical bills. This risk certainly offsets the few dollars one can save by choosing such rides.

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