worker wearing hard hat

Rules for Surviving Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Rule #1: Immediately report, to your supervisor, any OTJ accidents or exposures to harmful liquids, gases, and/or other substances.

Rule #2: Be truthful when discussing the events that caused your injuries, the extent of your injuries, and any prior similar injuries/conditions. This is particularly important when dealing with authorized WC doctors.

Rule #3: Be compliant with the doctor’s treatment plan and share with your employer, as soon as possible, any doctor ordered restrictions associated with RTW.

Rule #4: Remember to not exceed the doctor’s restrictions, whether at work or at home, even when asked to by your employer.

Rule #5: Always assume you are under surveillance so on those days you might feel somewhat better do not push yourself.

Rule #6: The E/C is not your friend. They view your situation as a business expense. This is not to say they are out to get you but their primary purpose is to make/ keep their money.

Rule #7: If asked by the E/C to give a written statement and/ or recorded statement respectfully decline and advise you will do so upon the advice of legal counsel.

Rule #8:  You wouldn’t hire a foot doctor for brain surgery so don’t hire an attorney when you can hire a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

Author: L. Anzalone Esq. BCS (Burnetti, P.A)