ATV Accident

ATV Crash in Clay County Leaves 3 Seriously Injured

An ATV crash that took place in Clay County on Monday, March 30, left three teens with major injuries. Of the three victims, two are reported in critical condition while the third victim has serious injuries.

According to the details shared by the Florida Highway Patrol, the incident took place along a dirt road in Middleburg. Two ATV vehicles were involved in the crash. The two vehicles were traveling along the Live Oak Lane late on Monday evening when the crash occurred.

One of the ATVs had a driver and a passenger riding on it at the time of the crash. The other had its driver as the sole occupant. All three were teenage students from the Clay County school district.

The accident came about when one of the ATV vehicles traveling on Live Oak Lane veered off the dirt road. The driver of the vehicle then overcorrected, causing the ATV to flip over. The driver of the second ATV was right behind the first ATV. As the ATV in the front overturned, the second driver tried to avoid a collision with it. However, the second ATV also ended up overturning.

The first ATV had two occupants on it. Both the driver and the passenger on this ATV are reported as 14. The victims of the first ATV crash sustained critical injuries and were rushed to the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville where they remain under treatment.

The driver of the second ATV also sustained serious injuries although his injuries are reported as non-life-threatening. The driver, aged 15, was transported to the Orange Park Medical Center.

The incident remains under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol. Once the investigations conclude, authorities will be able to determine whether or not speeding, reckless driving, or road conditions were factors that contributed to the crash.

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