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High-Speed Chase on I-95 Results in Crash

A high-speed chase on I-95 on December 4 ended in a crash involving multiple vehicles and resulting in minor injuries to several individuals.

According to the details shared by the Florida Highway Patrol, a suspect driving recklessly in Fort Pierce was identified by the authorities. After being informed about the incident, the local police officials started pursuing the suspect. As the suspect driver was speeding in Martin County close to the Martin Highway, troopers with FHP also joined the high-speed pursuit.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Albert Collins of West Palm Beach. It isn’t clear where or how the chase involving Collins’ vehicle began in the first place. By the time he was trying to flee on the Interstate 95, several local and state patrol vehicles were on his tail.

As he drove along the highway, Collins would occasionally slow down to a near stop and then zoom up to 130 miles per hour. FHP didn’t reveal the duration or distance for which the pursuit continued.

As the suspect vehicle neared the Indiantown Road, several police vehicles were able to get close to Collins’ vehicle and surround it. However, Collins still refused to slow down and instead, attempted to make an escape between the patrol vehicles. This was when his vehicle collided with a police vehicle at a fairly high speed. The high-speed collision caused the hit police vehicle to crash into a second one before both patrol vehicles hit the concrete divider.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the crash. One of the police officers sustained relatively minor injuries in the incident. Collins was also injured and rushed to the Jupiter Medical Center. However, his injuries are not serious. A number of charges have been brought against him in relation to the high-speed chase on I-95 and the resulting crash, including two counts of fleeing and eluding law officers.

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