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What Kind of Financial Abuse Happens in Florida Nursing Homes?

A lot of people retire to Florida when they get older. It’s a warmer climate. There are also plenty of assisted living facilities down there for people to choose from. At a certain point, some older people realize that they can no longer live on their own. Or, their loved ones realize that they can no longer take care of them. When this time comes, the family has to make a very difficult decision.

Whether to move your parent or loved one into a nursing home can be very difficult. There’s a part of you that feels guilty. There’s another part of you that’s sad. Nobody ever wants to admit that their parents are too old to care for themselves. However, sometimes a nursing home is the best option for your loved one. You know they’ll be safe and secure. You also know they’ll get the medical care they need.

This is why it can be so devastating to learn that your mom or dad has become the victim of abuse. Usually, nursing home abuse involves things like neglect or physical abuse. There are times, however, when the abuse is a little less obvious. Hundreds of nursing home residents in Florida are the victims of financial abuse. It’s not talked about as often as the other kinds of abuse. But it can be just as painful. Either way, financial abuse is a violation of your loved one’s rights.

If you suspect your mom or dad is being financially abused while in a Florida nursing home, you should call our office. It takes an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to get your family justice.

Who Usually Commits Nursing Home Financial Abuse In Florida?

When Lakeland nursing home abuse lawyers investigate a claim of financial abuse, they know just where to look. It’s not usually the doctors or nurses they need to investigate. Quite simply, these people earn a very good living and would not risk their professional license by stealing a few hundred dollars from an innocent nursing home resident. Typically, the people who engage in this behavior are the nursing aides and janitorial staff.

Despite their hard work, these employees don’t often earn more than a few dollars above minimum wage. When they see that a resident has cash or credit cards readily available, the temptation to take it may be too much. These workers also don’t have a professional license on the line. It’s hard to imagine someone risking their nursing license to steal from a patient. The same is true for a doctor. For these other staff members, the only license at risk could be a certified nursing assistant license.

What Are The Common Types Of Nursing Home Financial Abuse?

When your loved one moves into the nursing home, they take most of their personal possessions with them. This could include things like jewelry, heirlooms, and collectibles. These things can be worth a good bit of money. On top of this, many nursing home residents in Lakeland keep some cash on hand. This is in case they go on an outing or need to buy something at the nursing home. People who work at the nursing home may steal your loved one’s cash, credit cards or checks. By the time you notice what’s going on, it can be hard to track down exactly who the thief is.

Talk To An Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer In Lakeland, Florida

If your mom or dad is the victim of nursing home abuse, call our office right away. In order to get your loved one the compensation you deserve, you need a skilled attorney in Florida. As soon as you detect that someone’s taking advantage of your mom or dad, talk to an experienced Lakeland nursing home abuse attorney. They can review your case and let you know if you have a claim for damages.

Of course, the claim is actually going to be filed on behalf of your loved one. If they’re not able to handle the matter themselves, you can talk to the lawyer on their behalf. As long as you have a power of attorney, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re not able to meet face to face, just call our office and schedule your free initial consultation by telephone. At some point, it will be a good idea for your Lakeland injury attorney to talk to your mom or dad. But they can do this at the nursing home or by phone.

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. It costs you nothing and you don’t have to pay a dime until you settle your loved one’s case.