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Who Should You Sue in a Multi-Car Crash in Lakeland, Florida?

If you’ve ever been involved in a car crash, you know that nobody wants to admit the accident was their fault. They point the finger at the other driver. It would be foolish to admit that you caused the crash. Not only would it cause your insurance rates to go up – it would cost you a lawsuit too. Plus, if you admit fault, you won’t be able to collect damages. So, you can imagine how hard things can be when there are more than two cars involved. You may not know who to pursue. That’s why it’s a good idea to call a car accident lawyer right away. They can figure out who you need to go after and make sure all responsible parties are named in the suit.

The reason it’s important to identify the responsible party is that this determines which insurance company you file your claim with. If you choose the wrong company, you may end up with nothing. And, if you wait too long to file your claim, you won’t get a dime. Insurance companies require that you file your claim within a few days of your accident. If you have an attorney, they’ll make sure your claim is filed properly. They’ll also make sure your claim is followed up in the right way.

There Could Be More Than One Responsible Party

When it comes time to determine who you need to pursue, it can be confusing. You may have no idea who was really responsible. This is why it’s so important that you call the police immediately after your accident in Lakeland, Florida. The cops will come to the scene and do a thorough investigation. They’ll look at the following things to try to piece together who was at fault: The police will check the angles of the cars and what sort of damage they sustained

  • The officer will look to see if any of the drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • They will also talk to any witnesses and see if they have any important information
  • They will make sure the drivers all have valid licenses and current auto insurance
  • They will get statements from all of the drivers and include this in their police report

Once the officer completes their investigation, they’ll prepare a police report. A copy of this report will be made available to all of the people involved in the crash.

Your Lakeland Car Accident Lawyer Will Help With Your Insurance Claims

Whether or not you get paid by the insurance company may come down to whether you filed your claim properly. If you don’t provide all of the required information, your claim could be denied. Or, if the insurance company doesn’t think you were injured, they can deny your claim. Your Lakeland accident lawyer will make sure the insurance company handles your claim properly. While they cannot guarantee that your claim will be paid, they will do their best to make this happen. If you don’t have a lawyer, the insurance adjuster isn’t going to take your claim seriously. They may try to take advantage of you.

There are a variety of ways in which they can do this, including:

  • They won’t answer your calls and emails promptly. Your claim will be placed on the back burner behind claims that are being handled by attorneys.
  • They may offer you a lowball settlement and pressure you into accepting it. This is why you should never sign a settlement release before talking to a Lakeland car accident lawyer.
  • They may deny your claim outright. If the insurance company thinks you were partially at fault, they may deny your claim. If this is the case, your attorney can help you file an appeal. They’ll also fight to settle your claim so there’s no need for legal action.

Contact An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer In Lakeland, Florida

If you or your loved one are hurt in any sort of car accident, you need help. The other drivers are going to have attorneys working for them. You don’t want to be at a disadvantage. Call today and talk to one of our experienced car accident lawyers in Lakeland, Florida. You can schedule your free initial consultation today. With so much at stake, you don’t want to try to handle this on your own. The defendants will have lawyers working for them and you should too. The consultation is free and you don’t pay a dime until you settle your case.