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Driver Arrested in Crash That Killed Tyrone White

The driver involved in a crash that killed Tyrone White has been apprehended by the authorities. The suspect was taken into custody at the end of October and transported to the downtown Fort Lauderdale jail. Authorities identified the suspect in the crash as Daniel Tucker Chamblin, 32, of Hollywood. 

Tyrone White, the victim of this fatal crash, is the father of New England Patriots’ James White. He was also a captain with the Miami-Dade County police where he had been serving since 1984.

According to the details available so far, the tragic incident occurred at the intersection of Griffin and Southwest 118th Avenue in Cooper City. Chamblin was riding a 2018 Subaru at the time. Tyrone White was traveling with his wife, Lisa White, in a Volkswagen Passat. Lisa White was driving the Passat.

As Chamblin drove through the intersection, his vehicle crashed into the Passat. The sheer impact of the collision caused the vehicle to collide with the curb and then overturn. The Passat caught fire as the couple became trapped inside the overturned vehicle.

Tyrone White sustained critical injuries in the incident. He succumbed to these injuries and was pronounced deceased on the scene. Lisa White was also seriously injured. Once paramedics reached the scene of the crash, she was freed from the vehicle and rushed to a local hospital. According to the details shared by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, she is recovering.

A number of charges were brought against Chamblin following preliminary investigations by the police into the crash that killed Tyrone White. These include vehicular homicide, speeding, and reckless driving. He was also found responsible for previous incidents of speeding. A court set his bail at $235,000. Even if he is able to post bail and get out of jail for now, the court has ordered him not to drive any vehicle.

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Source: https://nypost.com/2020/10/30/florida-man-arrested-in-crash-that-killed-james-whites-dad/