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Can the Covid19 Pandemic Affect My Car Accident Claim in Any Way?

You probably don’t need to be told that the COVID19 outbreak has affected almost every aspect of life. Florida has certainly seen several challenges as the number of cases increases. Many people in Lakeland are driving less than they used to because they’re working from home and avoiding large gatherings. However, accidents can still occur especially when drivers take advantage of clear roads and ignore the speed limit. If you get involved in an accident or you have to file an insurance claim during the pandemic, it won’t be business as usual. Let our Florida car accident attorneys look at some of the things you’ll need to be prepared for.

Social Distancing At The Crash Scene

It’s easy to forget social distancing protocols in stressful moments. However, try to stay six feet away from the other people involved in the accident. If this isn’t possible, wear your mask and ask the other parties to wear theirs while you wait for assistance. Avoid taking pens, cellphones, and other objects that someone else touched and record contact details and other information yourself. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may not have much control over what happens. However, do what you can to stay safe if you’re able to move around and talk.

Challenges With Getting Medical Treatment

It’s still important that you go to a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. However, many doctors and hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus cases. You may also be hesitant to go to an emergency room because of the possibility of contracting the virus. If you aren’t taken from the scene in an ambulance, it may be best to call your primary care physician and seek their advice. They will likely ask you a number of questions to determine whether they can diagnose you via telemedicine or if they need to see you in person. Be sure to mention all your symptoms even if they seem minor and follow your doctor’s instructions closely.

Even More Tight-Fisted Insurance Companies

The economic impact of the outbreak means that insurance companies will be working even harder to maintain their profitability. Like other businesses, they’re also experiencing challenges. Therefore, you may find it even more difficult to get fair compensation. Insurers will be more likely than ever to offer quick, low settlements. They’ll want you to accept whatever they offer without speaking to a Lakeland car accident lawyer.

However, having legal counsel is now more important than ever. Don’t play into the insurance company’s hands and accept the first offer they make. You still need to fight for your rights. Your attorney will quickly identify a settlement that’s unreasonably low and they will challenge it. They will negotiate on your behalf to get the insurer to pay you a fair amount. If negotiations don’t work, they can take the matter to court if necessary.

If you decide to settle, the process may be delayed. There may be fewer people working in the insurance company’s office because staff members are ill or they’re working from home. The insurer still has a responsibility to process your claim, but it may take longer than usual.

Delays In The Court System

Your attorney may recommend that you file a lawsuit to show the insurance company that you’re serious. Even if your case doesn’t go all the way to trial, it could be affected by challenges in Florida’s court system. Some urgent and essential matters continue to be heard in person and other cases may be handled via phone or video conferencing. However, personal injury claims like yours may be postponed. If your case has been filed, it will work its way through the system, but you may need to be patient. Your attorney will stay on top of the case and look after your interests.

Contact The Team At Burnetti P.A. For Help With Your Car Accident Claim

A lot has changed because of COVID19 but you can still get help from a Lakeland auto accident attorney at Burnetti P.A. We’re still taking on new clients and fighting for their rights. Simply call us or send us an email to schedule a consultation. We’re using teleconferencing and digital signatures so the business can continue while you stay safe. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you want to get compensation for your losses, reach out to us today. Covid19 shouldn’t stop you from getting compensation.