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How Long Should I Wait to See a Doctor After a Crash?

Following an accident, your well-being should be your top priority. As such, it’s crucial to seek medical care. However, many people overlook the need for medical care because they don’t experience the pain from their injuries immediately. Instead, they chalk their sores up to something else as the days pass, and they feel more pain.

Unfortunately, if you don’t seek medical care after a car accident, you give insurance adjusters a chance to minimize how much they offer you. In some cases, they’ll deny your claim completely.

Immediate Medical Care Builds Your Claim

The sooner you receive medical care, the more it helps you build a strong claim for compensation. Once you get medical care, you not only begin your treatment, but you can also receive a medical record that helps show your injury’s severity.

Keep in mind: insurance adjusters work to protect their companies’ profits. If they can use a delay in medical treatment against you to pay out less, they’ll do so. Don’t wait too long to get medical treatment because insurance adjusters may try to say that you sustained injuries in a separate incident and do not qualify to recover compensation.

Latency Issues and Your Injuries

In many cases, you can experience latency issues with your injuries. If you experience latency issues, you may not feel pain until days or even weeks after your accident occurs. Even with this potential obstacle, don’t tell insurance adjusters that you didn’t suffer an injury. Instead, inform them that you will be seeking medical care and follow up after your appointment.

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