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This case is the wrongful death of a 3 year old girl. The defendants were an 18 year old boy who was driving his aunt’s vehicle while intoxicated at 4 AM and his aunt who owned the vehicle.

A garbage truck was making routine stops for their garbage pickup and was being followed by a semi-truck.  Our client was driving in the opposite direction. 

Attorney Phil Slotnick recently received a jury verdict on behalf of our client for $618,060.11 against Liberty Mutual.

Our client was traveling in Polk County when a vehicle, driven by the defendant, entered the road without stopping, causing a tractor-trailer truck to jack-knife and hit our client.

Our client was the parent of a young child that was a restrained backseat passenger in her parent's car. The vehicle she occupied was rear-ended at a high rate of speed causing significant damage to the child, even though she occupied a car seat at the time.

Our client was a restrained driver traveling westbound on CR 252 when the tortfeasor, coming from the opposite direction, swerved into their lane and caused a head-on collision.

A client hurt her neck, back and knee in a car accident in Tampa.  State Farm blamed the client for causing the accident and only offered $25,000.

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