Personal Injury Results | Burnetti, P.A. Injury Case Results

A nurse injured at a local retail store was never offered more than $1,000 by the store. The store stated they always win these types of cases and even if we won, the jury would not award the client over $10,000.

R.M. suffered some serious injuries at a theme park due to the park’s negligent operation of one of the rides. He needed medical treatment for a long period of time, and due to his injuries, he also became unable to work for a period. He was married with kids and was unable to provide for his family because of his injuries. Although for the longest time the park continued to deny responsibility for the accident, ultimately, on the eve of trial, we were able to secure a settlement of almost $200,000. With the sum of the money from the settlement, R.M. was able to buy a house for his family and get back on his feet.

Our client was involved in a warehouse forklift collision while in the course and scope of his employment with a grocery store. Our client complained of neck and back pain. He had suffered from the same symptoms prior to the incident, however our argument was that it was an aggravation of a pre-existing condition. The client accepted a $150,00.00 settlement.