Workers' Compensation Results | Burnetti, P.A. Case Results

The claimant was involved in an industrial accident and injury in 2000. While delivering bread, he slipped in water on a metal ramp and about 40 trays fell on top of him injuring his left shoulder, neck, back, and legs.

Our client had two dates of accident while working for a local county. The first was in 2007, when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries to his neck, shoulders, left arm and hand with tingling sensations as well as headaches. In 2008, our client suffered another motor vehicle accident with injuries to his neck, low back, legs and left shoulder and arm with tingling sensations, as well as headaches.

Over the course of the case, our client was able to secure medical care and treatment for the claimant by way of a gym membership as recommended by his treating pain management physician, an ergonomic evaluation of the claimant's work place including an ergonomic work chair as recommended by his treating physician, and various other medical tests and treatments.

Our client attended several mediations and was scheduled for a final hearing when the parties were able to schedule a private mediation and resolve all outstanding issues and cancel the final hearing before the Judge. Burnetti, P.A. was able to settle his workers' compensation case for $182,472.58 inclusive of attorney fees and costs, as well as a waiver of the 3rd party personal injury lien being held by the workers' compensation carrier in the amount of $65,000.00.

C.V., an LPN, worked for a medical facility for 13 years. Unfortunately, two workers compensation injures left her with severe injuries and light duty work restrictions. On January 1, 2000, her employer was taken over by a new company. The new company vowed to get rid of any light duty personnel. Three months later, C.V. was fired and left without a job, no money, and disabling back and shoulder injuries. In December 2000, the attorney represented C.V. in a workers compensation trial. Before the final hearing, the employer/carrier offered only $6,500.00 combined to settle C.V.'s case completely with no future medical care. In December 2000, the attorney represented C.V. in a workers' compensation trial and secured for her future medical care for both her shoulder and back, and thousands of dollars in lost wages. With many civil cases, the insurances companies do not take well to losing; C.V.'s case was appealed on the 30th day following the trial. The insurance companies were unsuccessful on their appeal, and currently C.V. has received approximately $30,000 in lost wages.

Client M.O. was a hard working laborer installing trusses on a roof.  He was injured when he was knocked from the roof by falling trusses, due to the negligent operation of the crane being used to lift the trusses.  There were no workers compensation benefits available and the crane operator denied liability and the homeowner was acting as her own contractor.  After extended litigation and multiple litigation, the issues of who was liable under workers compensation law were resolved and both the crane operator and the homeowner contributed to the settlement at a third mediation.