Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence can have devastating effects, including physical and emotional pain, lost wages, and high medical bills. Often, victims who are not familiar with how accident claims work will attempt to deal with the insurance companies on their own. This may cause additional stress to the injured victim, and distract from the healing process.

Insurance Companies Handle Accident Claims Every Day

Until a victim retains an attorney, the profit-motivated insurance company representing the negligent party generally knows that the injured victim is not prepared to take their case to court; therefore, many insurance companies may try to take advantage of the injured victim. Insurance companies handle accident claims every day and have an economic incentive not to offer fair compensation. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help ease the stress of the injured victim, and level the playing field against insurance companies.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Understand How Claims And Lawsuits Work

When hiring an attorney, it is important that they are experienced in your needed practice area. This will help improve your chances of receiving maximum compensation. At Burnetti, P.A., all lawyers and support staff are thoroughly schooled and experienced in handling injury or death related cases. By concentrating the focus on this area of the law, Burnetti, P.A. consistently performs on a higher level for clients.

Burnetti, P.A. Is Ready And Willing To Go To Trial

Potential clients are often concerned that their lawyers may not be willing to go to a trial in their case. That is because many lawyers simply just do not try cases. In fact, about 95% of cases are settled before trial. At Burnetti, P.A., the focus of the firm requires that attorneys are ready and willing to regularly try clients’ cases.

No Fees And No Cost To You If There Is No Recovery

Burnetti, P.A. handles cases based on a contingent fee. A contingency fee means:

    • The client does not pay any fees if they do not receive compensation from the negligent party
    • If the client does receive compensation, then the fees are based on the amount of compensation obtained
    • The client does not have to pay any upfront expenses to help pursue the case (these expenses may be paid out of the recovery at the end of the case).

Burnetti, P.A. is proud to be able to provide this contingent fee service to clients so that they do not have to worry about paying to pursue the case out of their own money. At Burnetti, P.A., if there is no recovery, the client does not owe one penny.

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The personal injury attorneys at Burnetti, P.A. are not only sympathetic and understanding of your situation but have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent the injured. If you are ready to fight for your maximum compensation, fill out the free case evaluation form, or call (888) 444-8508