Driver Safety Resolutions for the New Year

Despite car crash deaths being at their lower levels since before the Korean War, tens of thousands of people are killed in the United States each year in motor vehicle accidents. Following ten basic safety tips can help you to start the New Year as a safer driver.

  1. Obey the speed limit
  2. Don’t use electronic gadgets like cell phones and GPS devices while driving
  3. Buckle up no matter how short the drive
  4. Never drink and drive
  5. Use car seats for children under eight and put children under twelve in the back seat
  6. Maintain your vehicle, including the tires
  7. Yield to bicyclists and pedestrians
  8. Assist teen drivers in making good decisions
  9. Strive to be more fuel-efficient
  10. Always wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle

Following these common-sense tips will ensure a safe and happy 2013. Improvements in vehicle safety features and automotive design are helping reduce motor vehicle deaths; unsafe driving habits make those improvements irrelevant. Reducing dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel is the best way to reduce driving deaths.

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