Back to School Motorist Safety Tips

School Bus Safety Motorists 1)

It’s back to school week! As children head back to school, motorists should be alert for children pedestrians and school bus laws. According to the National Safety Council, children between the ages of four and seven are the most at risk for suffering pedestrian injuries caused by motorists illegally passing school buses.

Here are some safety tips for motorists to follow to help ensure the safety of children entering and exiting a school bus:

  • Pay attention to warning lights – It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus. School buses use yellow flashing light to warn motorists that they are coming to a stop. The buses use red warning lights and stop signs to alert motorists that the school bus is stopping to load or unload children
  • Keep your distance from school buses – ten feet around the school bus is the place children are most at risk of being hit by a motorist. Make sure there is plenty of room for children to exit and enter the bus safely
  • Always pay attention to speed limit signs in school zones – children can be unpredictable pedestrians and may dart out into the street. If there is a flashing yellow light in a school zone, motorists must stop to yield to the pedestrians
  • Avoid dropping children off across the street from a school – while dropping children off across from a school may avoid traffic, it makes the children cross the street and increases the risk of a pedestrian-related accident
  • Always stop when directed by a school patrol officer or patrol sign
  • Look out for children playing near bus stops – children may arrive late and could run into the street without looking

It’s the start of a new school year which is a fun and exciting time. Following these motorists’ safety tips can help keep you and school children safe.

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