Resolve to Be a Safer Driver in 2016

Unsafe driving practices and unsafe driving habits increase the chances of being in an accident. In the New Year, resolving to improve personal driving habits can help keep the roads and drivers safer.

The following basic driving suggestions can help you to start the New Year as a safer driver.

1.   Don’t Drink and Drive: Drunk drivers comprise around 35% of fatal accidents on the roads. If you do drink, designate a driver or call a taxi.

2.   Obey Posted Speed Limits: Speeding is a cause in 1 out of 3 fatal crashes. Even safety belts and airbags cannot fully protect passengers when crashing at high speeds.

3.   Do Not Use Electronic Devices While Driving: Do not text and drive. It significantly increases the risks of being in an accident and sustaining serious injuries.

4.   Yield to Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Bicyclists and pedestrians are involved in 15 percent of all car-related deaths each year. Be careful when approaching crosswalks, and be alert for bikes, especially on one-way streets.

5.   Buckle Up: Over 12,000 people are saved every year by wearing seat belts. Always buckle up, even during short drives.

6.   Don’t Engage in Road Rage: Aggressive driving and road rage can cause accidents.

7.   Be a Good Role Model: Children learn by example. Children are learning safe driving practices by watching adult actions behind the wheel.

In this New Year, resolve to create these safe driving habits to help keep yourself and others safe on the road.

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