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The Importance of a Medical Exam After a Tampa Auto Accident

Did you incur injuries in a car accident in Tampa? Instead of losing your temper and feeling sorry for yourself, contact a Tampa auto accident lawyer. You are not the only one in this unfortunate situation. What matters is that a lawyer can make everything easier.

Even before contacting a lawyer, though, you should undergo a medical exam. It will help assess and document the injuries you incurred and support your car accident claim. Yes, especially if the accident was not your fault, you should file a compensation claim. It is your legal right to recover any losses, and you should benefit from it.

According to FIRES, over 250,000 people incur injuries in car crashes statewide every year. Over 20,000 of them get hurt in Hillsborough County and its county seat, Tampa. Many of them are informed enough to see a doctor and contact a car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL.

The Latter Helps Them Recover Damages Such As:

  • Property damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost income capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment or consortium, and more

Other accident victims, unaware of their rights, neglect to see a doctor and consult a lawyer. Insurance agents get to them and convince them to sign detrimental settlements or rights waivers. By the time they acknowledge their injuries, it is already too late to recover any losses. As any car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, will explain, seeing a doctor should be accident victims’ priority.

Why Does Every Lawyer Recommend A Medical Exam After Any Accident?

Most accident victims do not feel pain or other symptoms due to the temporary adrenaline rush. Left untreated, many injuries may get worse. On one hand, this makes them difficult to treat and increases the costs the sufferer will incur.

On the other hand, the aggravation will be the fault of the sufferer, and will not be subject to compensation. The insurer’s attorney will most likely argue that most of your injuries were the result of your own negligence. Had you seen a doctor, the injuries would not have worsened, and there would be no additional costs.

Let’s say you get into an accident and end up with a broken rib. If you see a doctor immediately, they will find the broken rib and fix it. If you leave the broken rib untreated, it may perforate a lung, and cause internal bleeding. You may need surgery and weeks of recovery. All these costs and additional suffering will be your fault because you did not see a doctor on time.

If you do see a doctor immediately after the accident, things change. You get a medical report documenting all your injuries and connecting them to the accident. All you and your Tampa auto accident lawyer have to do is keep all receipts and invoices. They will justify the compensation you claim.

A Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Will Be By Your Side

Once they have a foundation for their case, any car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, will build on it. They will gather expert testimonies and use drug leaflets to document side effects. They will prove pain and suffering by citing witnesses and case precedents. All you have to do is follow doctors’ recommendations and focus on your recovery.

Following your doctor’s recommendations is another vital aspect of your case. If you do not, and your injuries worsen, again, you lose your right to compensation. Sure, you have the right to question your doctor’s recommendations and request a second opinion. However, discuss your plans with your car accident lawyer.

They will tell you how to approach the situation and document any treatment changes. With their help, you can benefit from the best medical care, and recover all your expenses. The process will also be shorter and simpler than if you were handling everything yourself.

Consult A Car Accident Attorney In Tampa, FL Now!

Did you incur injuries in a car crash in Tampa or another part of Hillsborough County? Your priorities should be to consult a doctor and a Tampa personal injury lawyer. If you are not sure you need a doctor, an attorney can help figure things out for free.

At Burnetti P.A., we believe in helping accident victims recover their losses. That is why we provide free case reviews and we accept contingency-based agreements. This means you can benefit from the advice of our car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, without paying. Schedule a consultation now by calling (888) 444-8508 or using the online form!