Jet Ski Rider

Jet Ski Rider Injured in Collision With Speeding Boat

A jet ski rider was injured in a boating collision that took place last Thursday, Nov 28, when a speeding boat crashed into him. He was rushed to a hospital.

According to the officers of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the accident took place near the Treasure Island Causeway Bridge. A man riding a jet ski tried to carve a u-turn. However, he cut right in front of a boat as he attempted to do so. The operator of the boat couldn’t slow down immediately and as a result, the boat collided straight into the jet ski rider.

As per the latest updates, the jet ski rider has sustained serious injuries in the wake of the accident. Following the crash, he was immediately taken to the ramp where he received first aid. The rider was then rushed to the hospital. According to the deputies of the Sheriff’s Office, the injuries, though serious, were not life-threatening, so the rider’s life does not seem to be in danger.

Investigations of the crash are still ongoing and spearheaded by the County Sheriff’s Office. It is still too early to say who is to blame for the crash. In such a boating accident, the fault typically lies with one of the two parties. If the jet ski rider was riding recklessly without taking into account the boat, the fault lay with him.

On the other hand, if the boater was going too fast, he posed a danger and risk to others in the water. In such a scenario, the boater may be charged with negligence. It is also possible for both parties to share the fault as Florida is a comparative fault state. This means that instead of assigning absolute fault by saying a person is at fault or not, percentages of fault can be assigned to the parties involved in a personal injury accident.

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