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Orlando Police Officer Contests Termination After Workplace Injury

An officer with the Orlando Police Department (OPD) is looking to contest a letter of termination issued to her by the department. The letter was issued last Thursday after the officer Elizabeth Waba-Daniels met with the senior officials of OPD.

Daniels has been away from active duty ever since she had an accident back in May 2018. Daniels was riding a horse at the time and fell from it. This left her injured and unable to resume her duties. She was then assigned to light duty. In this alternative duty assignment, Daniels had been receiving full salary as well as other standard benefits.

Now, OPD has decided to relieve her of her position and has issued a letter of termination. In this letter, the department has cited its standard policy which requires an officer who has taken alternative duty for 12 out of the last 18 months to return to active duty. As Daniels told OPD that she was unfit to return to full duty yet, she has been asked to return her police property.

Daniels’ attorney, Jeff Appel, believes that she had been wronged in this matter. According to him, the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ guarantees certain rights which apply to this case. The termination by OPD is apparently in violation of these rights, he says.

He has also cited the workers’ compensation clause of the law which deems a termination illegal if it is caused by a valid compensation claim. It is worth-noting that OPD has offered Daniels to go on an unpaid leave of absence which would essentially save her from facing termination. Daniels has remained quite on the matter so far since OPD had issued a gag order. But now that the department has terminated her from her position, she may be able to speak out on the issue.

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