Car Accidents

Three Crashes Across Bay Area Cause Four Fatalities

In three separate fatal crashes in the Bay Area, four individuals lost their lives. The crashes took place on Friday night.

The first accident took place when a Dodge Ram truck collided with a motorcycle on the Seven Springs Boulevard. Ralph Innamorato, 54, was driving the truck at the time. Innamorato was approaching the Chevron Gas Station driveway. As he did so, he drove right in the path of a motorcycle.

Bradley Casler and Alia Rodger were riding the motorcycle at the time. The motorcycle collided head-on into the right side of the truck. Both motorcycle riders sustained severe injuries. They were rushed to the hospital but succumbed to the injuries and died. The accident took place at around 6 p.m.

Right-of-way violations can lead to criminal charges as well as civil litigation in Florida. In this present case, wrongful death charges may also be brought up against the driver in the civil lawsuit.

The second crash took place at around 8:15 p.m. It happened at the SR-589 intersection. A vehicle was traveling northbound on Spring Hill Drive when it collided with another vehicle that had come into its path. Steven Berry was driving the first vehicle and the second vehicle that was hit was being driven by Corey Shoffner. Shoffner sustained serious injuries due to the collision and died at the scene of the accident. It isn’t clear yet who was the negligent party in this tragic accident.

The third crash took place in the early hours of Saturday. Xavier Brown was driving a vehicle on the US-19. Brown was apparently overspeeding when he rear-ended a dump truck driven by Brandon Dalinda. Due to the high speed of the collision, Brown sustained serious injuries and died. It is not clear whether Dalinda sustained any injuries in the accident. Investigations are still ongoing into these collisions, overseen by the Florida Highway Patrol.

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