Driving While Texting

Setting a Safe Driving Example Could Save Your Teen’s Life During the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer”

The 100 days beginning after the Memorial Day holiday have been coined as the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer”. The phrase has its origins from the high rate of teen traffic fatalities during the months of June, July, and August when many are out of school for the summer break. During these three months, the teen driver’s fatal crash rate is 43%, increasing 26% compared with other months of the year. The staggering number reveals that summer is not the time to let your guard down while driving, especially for teenage drivers.

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Teenage Drivers And The “100 Deadliest Days Of Summer”

Teenagers are the most at risk of being in a traffic accident, having the highest crash rate of any age group. Motor vehicle crashes are all the leading causes of death for young people and the majority of crashes involving teens are due to distracted driving.

These facts should cause great concern to parents and caregivers. Many teens learn driving behaviors from their parents. Another distressing statistic from the National Safety Council reports that 91% of parents who use their phones while driving do it in front of their children with the knowledge that they themselves are their teens’ main driving teacher. 91% of parents who use their phones while driving are teaching their children that it is acceptable behavior behind the wheel. Then teenagers who have not learned the dangerous risks and potential consequences are texting while driving during the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer” and the rest of the year, putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk.

In addition to distracted driving, drunk driving is also a contributing factor to the increase in teen driving fatalities during the summer months. Drinking and driving also have real consequences ranging from getting arrested ruining a potential for a college education, incurring fines, court, and attorney fees, to even worse, taking a life.

Even though summer is a time for fun and games, parents should always set an example behind the wheel by always driving sober and eliminating distractions such as texting and driving. Teach your children from a young age the great responsibility it is to drive and that it is always okay to call you if they feel like they are in a potentially bad driving situation. Encourage them to have the courage to tell a friend offering a ride “no” when they know that a friend has been drinking or using drugs. Set the example to remove distractions from behind the wheel and delete the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do” from your vocabulary.

Setting the example and encouraging your teens to have safe driving habits could not only save their life but also someone else’s.

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