2 Motorcyclists Injured in Clearwater Accident

The police are still looking for a driver who caused an accident in Clearwater this week that injured 2 motorcyclists. The crash happened near the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport at about 11:15 pm on Saturday night. It involved 2 motorcycles and another, unidentified vehicle.

As the two motorcycles approached the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and 49th Street North, another vehicle approached. The car cut off the bikers. In an effort to avoid a collision, the two bikers ended up losing control of their motorcycles.

The bikes proceeded to flip over and landed in the shoulder of the road. The bikes were in the inside and center lanes of 49th Street North at the time of the accident.

After causing the collision, the driver of the third vehicle took off. They were gone by the time the police arrived at the accident scene. So far, the police have not offered a description of the car. This could be due to the fact that both the motorcycle riders were seriously injured in the crash.

The police arranged for an ambulance to transport both of the victims to the local hospital. They were listed as in serious condition. The police have not yet provided the names of either of the victims.

The police are asking the public for their help in identifying and locating the driver of the third vehicle. If they are able to locate him or her, the two victims may have a potential legal claim against the other driver.

The authorities did confirm that the two motorcycle riders were a 34-year old man from Brandon and a 28-year old man from Tampa.

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