Truck Accident in Manatee County Leaves Bicyclist Injured

A man was critically injured in a truck accident that took place in the Manatee County on Monday, April 27. The incident occurred in the afternoon and was reported to the authorities around 2:30 p.m.

According to the details shared by the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident happened on Manatee Avenue West in Holmes Beach. It involved a collision between a bicyclist and a truck near East Bay Drive.

The truck involved in the incident was traveling westbound on the Manatee Avenue West. It was towing a trailer carrying a red forklift on it at the time of the crash. The bicyclist was traveling eastbound on the northern sidewalk of the road. Just as the bicyclist and truck drew near, the bicyclist lost control and fell off the bike onto the road.

As the bicyclist fell on the road, the rear right side of the truck collided with him. The bicyclist, who was identified by FHP as a 61-year-old male from Bradenton, sustained critical injuries in the collision. He remains under treatment.

The truck driver who struck the bicyclist did not stop to investigate or help the bicyclist. Instead, he continued westwards on the road. FHP has limited details regarding the identity of the truck or the driver who was involved. For now, the authorities are not clear on the make, model, color, and other details of the truck that struck the bicyclist. The identity of the driver also remains unknown.

For now, troopers are requesting that anyone with information on the incident share it with the police. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing. It isn’t clear whether the truck driver deliberately drove away or if the driver didn’t notice the collision in the rear of the vehicle. If it is proved that the driver drove away intentionally, he may be charged with a felony given the critical nature of the victim’s injuries.

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