Motorcycle and car accident

Police Deems Pedestrian Responsible for Critical Injury Crash

An investigation by the Fort Myers Police Department has led the authorities to decide that a pedestrian was at fault in an accident involving a motorcycle. The pedestrian was seriously injured in the said crash and had to have one of his legs severed.

According to the details made available by the police, the incident had occurred last month. On August 8, a pedestrian was hit by a motorcyclist on the street. The accident was reported at around 10 p.m. The pedestrian was identified as Joseph Madden, 41. Madden was traveling with his family in a car when the car broke down on Park 82 Drive and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Madden then stepped into the westbound lanes of the road while holding jumper cables. He was apparently trying to flag down help. This was when a motorcyclist, taken unaware by Madden stepping suddenly onto the road, collided with Madden. The motorcyclist was identified as Erion Fiametti, 27. Fiametti was driving a 2009 Yamaha motorcycle at the time.

Following the collision, Fiametti was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious injuries. Madden also incurred critical injuries in the collision. Both were rushed to the hospital by the first responders.

Madden later had to have his leg severed because of the nature of the injuries. Investigations by the police revealed that Madden was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. His blood alcohol was found to be nearly twice the legal limit. For this reason, the police found Madden at fault in the crash that took place.

Fiametti was not speeding at the time, as per the police report. He also had a license although it lacked a motorcycle endorsement which Florida law requires for all motorcyclists. Fiametti was consequently cited for lacking license endorsement.

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