woman reaching in the back seat for her purse

3 Types of Distracted Driving

Several dangers exist on the road, and when you suffer serious injuries, you may be able to hold someone accountable for their negligence. One action that can lead to significant car accidents is distracted driving.

There are three types of distracted driving to know about, and you should identify which actions are most dangerous. Understanding how distractions occur can help you stay safe, and it can also help you identify when someone’s negligence causes you harm.

Manual Distractions

A manual distraction is one that forces a driver’s hand off of the steering wheel. While many drivers only use one hand anyway (and they should really be using two), a manual distraction can include reaching for a phone or stereo, reaching for an item in the back seat, etc.

Visual Distractions

A visual distraction is anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road. While most associate visual distractions with texting (and it’s a leading problem), it can also include looking over at passengers or glancing to the side of the road to see a crash or broken-down vehicle.

Cognitive Distractions

A cognitive distraction occurs when a driver loses focus on the road. For instance, singing along to loud music, highway hypnosis, and conversations with others are cognitive distractions. Even texting, which includes all three types of distractions, requires the driver to focus on something other than driving.

Any distraction can be dangerous. Unfortunately, even a few seconds can lead to catastrophic damages. When driving at 55 miles per hour, 5 seconds is long enough to travel the length of a football field. A distraction can lead to several problems in that short period of time.

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