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How Much Can I Recover After a Crash?

Whether you need to go through personal injury protection in Florida or file a liability lawsuit against a negligent party, obtaining compensation is vital for any serious injury. However, insurance adjusters and your legal team evaluate losses differently, and how much you recover can change significantly depending on the circumstances of your crash.

Our car accident lawyers want you to recognize how you can obtain compensation in Florida. We help you understand the various factors that can help determine how much you may recover.

Your Medical Expenses

If you suffer severe injuries, you must receive medical care for the damages you sustain. You may need to undergo surgery, long-term care, medication treatment, and more. Because medical expenses come with a set cost, you can use the receipts to show the exact amount of your losses, which factor into your compensation.

Your Lost Income

If your injury is severe enough to keep you out of work for an extended period of time, you may qualify to recover lost income as part of your compensation. Lost income is a part of your economic compensation because you can show exactly how much you should recover as part of your claim.

Your Property Damage

Another economic compensation is your property damage. The damage to your vehicle usually comes with an exact cost from the mechanic you choose to perform the repairs. However, if your vehicle is totaled and you need a new car, the evaluation may vary.

Your Mental Trauma

Mental trauma falls under non-economic damages. There’s no direct monetary result associated with pain and suffering, which means you need to have a strong legal team that can help get you the most for your emotional damages.

At Burnetti, P.A., we work hard to maximize the compensation you may recover. When you trust our car accident attorneys with your legal needs, you can feel confident with what comes next. We treat you like family, showing you the care and compassion you deserve during a difficult time. We provide legal counsel throughout Florida and hold negligence accountable when it matters most.

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