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Drunk Driving Dangers: What You Should Know

You may have seen commercials, billboards, and other advertisements detailing just how dangerous drunk driving is. Countless drivers get behind the wheel knowing the harm they can cause, yet they continue to do so. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents happen by the thousands every year, and they lead to some of the most devastating injuries.

It often helps to know what drunk driving does to a person and how the symptoms of drunkenness can cause significant problems on the road. Below, we’ll explain some of the biggest dangers involved with drunk driving and the harm you can sustain.

Here are some of the things we’ll discuss below to help you understand the dangers of drunk driving:

  • How drinking can impact a person
  • What crashes occur because of drunk driving
  • How to hold someone accountable for drunk driving

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How Drinking Can Impact a Person

Unfortunately, many people feel they can drink a little bit and be fine to drive. However, even a buzz can significantly impact someone’s ability to drive safely. Here are some of the effects resulting from intoxication that can cause significant accidents:

  • Decision-making: Many of those who drink and drive have reduced decision-making abilities. They don’t think clearly, and the first bad decision they make is to get behind the wheel of their vehicle.
  • Cognitive abilities: Drinking can significantly impact someone’s ability to focus on the road. Unfortunately, this also means a slower reaction time, leading to severe crashes.
  • Vision and coordination: You’ll see many drunk drivers struggle to stay in their lane or follow closely behind others. These actions are often the result of a person’s impaired vision and coordination caused by intoxication.

Despite knowing that they suffer significant impairments after consuming alcohol, some drivers still take to the road and put countless others in danger.

What Crashes Occur Because of Drunk Driving

When you consider how alcohol can impact a driver, it’s clear that drunk driving can cause some of the most damaging accidents. The more common crashes that may occur because of drunk driving include the following:

  • Head-on collisions resulting from drivers who swerve all over the road.
  • Rear-end collisions as many drunk drivers fail to stop for traffic in time.
  • T-bone collisions occurring at intersections as drunk drivers fail to see or stop at a red light or stop sign.
  • Side-swipe collisions as a drunk driver merges into another lane without looking.

Some of these accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, spine damage, broken bones, and more.

How to Hold Someone Accountable for Drunk Driving

It’s not something you want to think about, especially if you drive every day, but drunk driving is a real problem. Countless drivers overestimate their ability to drive with even a few drinks in their system. This thought process leads to some of the most significant problems on the road, and anyone who suffers an injury deserves to take legal action and safeguard their rights.

At Burnetti, P.A., we work with injury victims to help them understand their rights to pursue the maximum compensation available to them after a drunk driving accident. We don’t back down when someone else’s negligent actions cause the most severe harm. We always work to provide the highest level of care when it matters most.

Our Florida car accident attorneys work hard to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions. We take every step to pursue justice for our clients because they deserve it. If you suffer injuries, know that our family is here to help your family and work for justice.

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