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What Are the Most Common Premises Liability Cases?

You never want to feel that you’re in danger when you go to someone else’s property. However, it’s a situation that happens more often than you think, especially when property owners don’t care for their grounds. As a result, several people suffer significant injuries because of these common premises liability cases.

Dangerous Stairways

The biggest problems with dangerous stairs are when they have lifted materials or poor maintenance on handrails. It’s easy for someone to slip and fall when the stairway has issues. The fall down multiple stairs can lead to some of the most significant injuries.

Swimming Pool Incidents

Swimming pools – residential and public – can be dangerous when people don’t know how to swim or run around the pool while it’s wet and slippery. Swimming pools pose a risk of drowning incidents, which can be fatal or cause lifelong effects.

Dog Bites

When someone doesn’t ensure that they have secured their dogs, guests or people walking by are at risk of dog bites. Dog bites can result in broken bones, nerve damage, and emotional trauma. Dog owners must ensure that they secure their dogs.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common and can occur anywhere. They can arise in a grocery store when the floor is wet or on a walkway where there’s a pothole. It’s easy for someone to slip and fall, suffering some of the worst injuries because of even the slightest mistake.

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