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Steps to Take In a Premises Liability Case

Like any personal injury case, what you do following an injury on someone else’s property is critical to your ability to pursue compensation. The steps you take can significantly impact your claim and whether you are successful in obtaining justice.

Below, we’ll help you understand the steps you should take to protect your rights.

Contact a Lawyer

Having an attorney on your side is one of the most effective ways to pursue compensation. A lawyer can help tell the story on your behalf so that you can pursue the compensation you deserve. With a lawyer, you can understand if the premises liability case is valid and protect your rights from insurance companies who may try to limit your claim.

A lawyer can help show the actual value of your claim, compiling all losses and showing how much you truly deserve for the damages you sustain.

Gather Evidence If You Can

If you can, make sure you take time after the incident to gather evidence. Evidence can include photos of the nuisance or danger to show insurance adjusters and your lawyer what problem caused you harm. The evidence you obtain goes a long way in protecting your rights, especially if property owners try to fix the danger after the incident occurs.

Report the Incident If It’s a Dog Bite

One type of premises liability case you can encounter is a dog bite. In this situation, you may need to report the incident to local animal control. Certain dogs are classified as “dangerous dogs” and must be registered with local authorities.

Our Florida premises liability attorneys at Burnetti, P.A. go above and beyond to help you through the process. If you suffer harm on someone else’s property, you can hold negligence accountable, and our team will work to give you a voice against negligence.

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