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How Insurance Adjusters Protect Their Profits

Despite your needs after a severe car accident, you cannot always rely on insurance companies to be there for you. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters receive the task of protecting insurance companies and their profits when claims threaten their bottom line. Whenever this happens, you should be sure to recognize your rights.

It’s vital to recognize the different tactics that insurance companies may try to use against you during your difficult time. When you recognize how insurance adjusters work, you can effectively safeguard your rights by having a lawyer on your side.

Some of the ways insurance adjusters protect profits include:

  • The friendly act
  • Recorded statements
  • Low settlement offers
  • Claim delays
  • Fault denial

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The Friendly Act

Insurance adjusters want you to believe that they are on your side. They’ll be empathetic to you during the process, but they often have ulterior motives. They want you to trust in them and listen to whatever it is they tell you during the process, even if it’s not in your best interests.

Before you believe what insurance adjusters say, make sure you look out for your best interests. Hire a lawyer and discover if the insurance company is telling you the truth. A lawyer can help you understand what’s true and where the insurance company is trying to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

Recorded Statements

We typically advise people to avoid having discussions with insurance adjusters wherever possible. However, if you do speak with someone at the insurance company, they might attempt to record your conversation. They’ll let you know that they are recording it; however, participating can still negatively impact your claim.

If an insurance adjuster requests to record your statement, kindly and politely inform them to speak with your legal counsel. Your lawyer can answer questions on your behalf and help you through the process.

Low Settlement Offers

You need money after a crash, and insurance companies know it. Instead of offering you the full compensation you deserve, they might try to lower how much you can recover. The low settlement offer is the insurance company’s attempt to get you to accept whatever they give and end the case. Don’t accept anything until you have discussed your options with an attorney.

Claim Delays

Insurance companies believe that the longer your claim goes, the more you need compensation. They delay claims hoping that you’ll need money enough to accept whatever they offer you. You have options, though, so be sure to speak with a lawyer before doing anything. In many situations, you can still get medical care and fulfill your other needs without accepting the insurance company’s low offer.

Fault Denial

You never want to experience it, but there may be some situations where insurance adjusters deny claims entirely. They’ll try to turn fault onto you or claim that you can’t recover compensation for your losses. In these situations, you deserve to have legal counsel on your side to hold insurance companies to their policies.

When insurance adjusters try to take advantage of you and the challenging situation that you’re in, know that our team’s got your back. When you rely on Burnetti, P.A. to safeguard your rights, you can feel confident knowing that our legal professionals go the extra mile to be there for you.

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