taking a photo of an accident

3 Ways to Protect Your Case After a Crash

If you suffer an injury in a car accident, you need to work quickly in the aftermath to safeguard your rights. Unfortunately, some individuals make mistakes after a crash, and it leads to insurance adjusters trying to take advantage of their vulnerable situation.

The things you do can protect your case. Here are three ways you can give yourself a more favorable chance at the outcome you deserve.

Gather Evidence

Make sure you gather evidence after the crash, including the following:

  • Information about the other driver and their insurance provider
  • Photos of the accident scene, surrounding areas, vehicle damage, and visible injuries
  • Statements and contact information

The evidence you get is crucial for your legal team and how they proceed with pursuing the compensation you deserve. Without specific information, it becomes more difficult to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

Call Law Enforcement

You can report your crash to local law enforcement if you feel like your damages equal more than $500 or you suffer a severe injury. Reporting the crash to law enforcement helps you gather as much information as possible. It also allows you to get an accident report that you can use to build your case.

Hire a Lawyer

The most important thing you can do is hire a lawyer. Working with a lawyer safeguards your rights and keeps insurance companies honest during a difficult time. Your lawyer stands up for your rights so that you can pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

At Burnetti, P.A., we know how insurance companies try to take your situation and turn it against you. However, our Florida car accident lawyers will work to guide you through the process. We care about seeking the results you deserve while also focusing on your ability to move forward with a higher quality of life.

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