team of doctors in operating room

The Biggest Dangers of Surgical Errors

When a patient must have surgery, they trust that doctors will operate with steady hands and keep them safe. Unfortunately, problems can arise that result in surgical errors. Over time, these surgical errors can have a significant impact on a patient’s life. It’s vital to recognize the problems that can arise following a surgical error and a victim’s ability to pursue compensation.

Ongoing Pain and Suffering

Surgery is supposed to help patients recover from injury or illness. However, when an error occurs, it can do the opposite. It can create long-term injuries that leave the patient dealing with pain and suffering for years after the incident. In some situations, the patient can experience lifelong damage.

Additional Medical Costs

When someone suffers an injury at the hands of a doctor, they may need additional medical attention. Until the patient files a medical malpractice claim, they may endure the costs of medical care on their own, even with insurance. It’s the reason why medical malpractice claims often include compensation for doctor’s bills. They add up further after the surgical error.

Wrongful Death

In some situations, surgical errors can, unfortunately, lead to wrongful death. The damage can be severe enough to cause fatal injuries. Whenever this happens, the decedent’s family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party or parties.

Unfortunately, surgical errors are far too common. They create unnecessary and long-term problems for patients who trust doctors to help them recover from injuries or illnesses. It’s crucial for those who suffer harm to pursue compensation to cover some of the damages associated with the malpractice.

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