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The Different Types of Surgical Errors

Surgery errors can occur far too often, creating a number of problems for the patients who endure them. It’s vital to know about the different types of surgical errors that can arise and the damages associated with them. Below, we’ll detail the different types to know about.

Wrong Site Surgeries

Wrong site surgeries often occur because of misdiagnosis or communication errors within the hospital. If the doctor believes that the patient has a specific condition and performs surgery on the wrong part of their body. It not only causes further problems but also prevents the patient from getting the surgery they need.

Wrong Person Surgeries

Another potential result of misdiagnosis or communication errors can be wrong person surgery. This can arise when the patients’ charts are mixed up or another issue occurs. Doctors may perform surgery on someone who doesn’t need it. The patient who needs the surgery wouldn’t get the procedure, potentially allowing the condition to worsen.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgical mistakes can mean that the doctor injures a different part of the body than they are working on during the procedure. For instance, the doctor may accidentally damage another one of the patient’s organs with a scalpel. It can cause internal bleeding and further injuries.

Leaving Items In a Patient

Once the surgery is over, and the doctor is ready to close the patient, they must ensure that there’s nothing left inside the body. Gauze, surgical instruments, and other items can cause long-term injuries if left inside the patient’s body.

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