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How the Dry Season In Florida Can Be Dangerous for Drivers

Florida's dry season can present many hazards for drivers. With high temperatures leading to dry roads and windy days often stirring up dust storms, drivers in Florida need to be extra cautious while on the road during this time of year. Visibility on roads is greatly reduced when dust storms appear unexpectedly, putting drivers of every vehicle at a greater risk of collision.

Oftentimes, visibility is further diminished by a general decrease in humidity levels accompanied by low rainfall throughout the dry season; these two elements together make for an especially hazardous driving environment that requires all drivers to be alert and prepared to navigate the roads at all times.

More Out of State Drivers Come to Florida for the Dry Season

With its sunny skies, lack of snow and balmy temperatures, Florida has become a major attraction to out of state drivers during the winter. Although this influx of visitors brings in increased tourism dollars, it can also create potential hazards on the roads.

Drivers new to the area may be unfamiliar with local laws and regulations as well as traffic patterns and typical vehicle speeds, placing themselves and other motorists at risk for an accident or injury. If you have recently moved or plan to travel to Florida during the dry season, be sure to drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

Taking extra precautions now will ensure you get where you need to go safely so that you can enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer.

The Potential for Tornadoes In February

The threat of tornadoes looming over Florida in February cannot be overlooked, as they can cause serious accidents. Tornadoes are unpredictable, particularly when wind speed and temperature changes rapidly. This makes them especially dangerous for residents of the Sunshine State, and it is essential that all Floridians brush up on their knowledge of severe weather safety each February.

Knowing storm preparedness basics such as: recognizing early warning signs, having an emergency-contact plan, and staying informed through local news outlets, could be the difference between life and death during a widely varying month like February where locals have to keep one eye on the skies at all times.

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