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Florida Senate to Consider Bill for Revamping Workers’ Compensation

Revamping Workers’ Compensation

Florida Senate is poised to discuss a bill seeking to make significant changes in efforts in revamping workers’ compensation insurance laws across the state. The bill is set to be debated on Monday, Nov 18, 2019. The proceedings of the Senate on the bill are of vital concern to businesses, insurers, labor organizations and attorneys across Florida.

Vital questions of concern surrounding the bill relate to attorney fees and the rate of workers’ compensation insurance rates. Both issues are also tied to the rulings of the Supreme Court made in workers’ compensation cases last year.

In one of these rulings, the Supreme Court’s decision helped bolster the rate of workers’ compensation insurance for businesses by a notable 14.5%. At the same time, the Supreme Court concluded that any limits on the attorney fees paid on workers’ compensation cases are unconstitutional. However, this latter issue has been a contentious one, with many citing the high attorney fees involving most workers’ compensation cases.

The present bill has been filed by Senator Rob Bradley. Among other things, the bill proposes that a limit should be imposed on the maximum attorney fees paid out by injured workers. The bill places this limit at up to $250 per hour. Predictably, the insurance companies as well as business groups are opposing the bill and the proposed cap on attorney fees.

In a bid to counter Senator Bradley’s bill, a separate bill has been filed by Danny Burgess, Chairman of the House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee. The ultimate decision of the Senate on the bill can have a direct and significant impact on the rate of workers’ insurance in Florida. It may also affect the number of workers’ compensation claims that are annually filed by injured workers. Fake claim remain a key concern for business and insurers.

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Source: https://valliantnews.com/2019/11/15/workers-comp-revamp-bill-slated-for-senate-committee/

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