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Woman Charged in Accident That Killed 7-Year-Old

A woman has been charged in a fatal accident that killed a 7-year-old boy. The incident took place nearly a year ago in the summer of 2019. The Miami-Dade County crash also resulted in serious injuries to the younger sister of the deceased boy, aged 3.

The suspect who has been charged in the fatal crash has been identified as Melissa Vasquez, 24. According to the details made available by law enforcement and the court documents, the tragic incident happened on Bird Road and Southwest 92nd Avenue.

Vasquez was driving a Ford F-150 at the time of the crash. She also had two other passengers in the pickup truck at the time. At the Southwest 92nd Avenue, another vehicle was attempting to take a left turn onto the Bird Road. This vehicle was identified as Toyota Camry. It was being driven by Yamileth Miranda, 32, a single mother of two who also had both her children in the car with her. These included her 7-year-old son Christian and her 3-year-old daughter Daisy.

As Miranda was trying to turn onto Bird Road, Vasquez’s pickup truck collided with her Camry. According to court evidence, Vasquez was driving at nearly 101 miles per hour when the collision occurred. The designated speed limit in the area is 40 mph.

The sheer impact of the collision left both vehicles severely damaged. Both of Miranda’s children were ejected even though they were wearing seatbelts. Of these, Christian died on the spot. The 3-year-old Daisa was rushed to a hospital and remained in a coma for several days after the incident. Miranda was also seriously injured.

Vasquez and her two passengers remained largely safe in the incident. She is now being charged for reckless driving and vehicular homicide. Her bond has been set at $30,000 by the presiding judge.

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