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Burnetti, P.A. and MADD: Fighting Against Drunk Driving

As you may already know, our team at Burnetti, P.A. recognizes the various dangers of drunk driving and how it causes harm every single day. While we work hard to hold negligent people accountable and take on drunk drivers and those who contribute to it, it’s our ultimate goal to fight against this problem.

We are not the only ones looking to stop drunk driving, which is why we partner with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) often to support the organization’s core values. We often sponsor MADD and their quest to stop intoxicated driving, prevent underage drinking, and support those who suffer harm because of drunk driving.

What Is MADD?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has long made it their mission to end the problem that is drunk driving. They promote various events to help raise money for their cause, always working to find new ways to take on this significant issue.

Our team provides monetary contributions, sponsors MADD events, and participates in the Walk Like MADD events all throughout Central Florida to show our support for this great organization and their mission. We’re also the Presenting Sponsors for many of these events.

How Do We Fight Against Drunk Driving?

For us, taking legal action against drunk drivers does more than just obtain compensation for our clients. While we know each individual client needs compensation for their losses, we also believe in justice and change. We believe in setting a standard for the future. We want to show that drunk driving has consequences, and those who suffer harm have the right to pursue justice.

The more we can do to hold drunk drivers accountable, the more we hope that others will think twice before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. At the end of the day, we want to save lives, and ending drunk driving can do that.

If you suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident, know that our Florida car accident attorneys are here to help. Our family helps yours work for justice in the most difficult of times. We encourage you to get our team on your side as soon as possible to safeguard your rights fully.

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