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What Is Florida’s Dram Shop Law?

When you are involved in a drunk driving accident, it’s clear to see that the most negligent party is the drunk driver. Of course, this person should be held responsible for your damages, and you can take legal action against him or her for their reckless behavior. However, there may be additional parties subject to a lawsuit.

In Florida, dram shop liability exists. This type of liability allows you to pursue additional compensation after a drunk driving accident from other parties who played a role in your accident. Below, we’ll explain dram shop laws and your options.

How Does Dram Shop Law Work?

Florida’s Statute 768.125 covers the dram shop laws in the state. The law allows you to file a lawsuit against any person or establishment who contributes to the drunkenness of someone below the legal drinking age or someone who is already visibly intoxicated. This means that you can hold a bar, restaurant, or person accountable in this situation:

  • A visibly intoxicated person or minor enters a bar.
  • The bartender serves the person alcohol, knowing they are in the wrong for doing so.
  • The intoxicated person leaves the bar and causes a severe crash.

In this case, if you suffer an injury because of a drunk driver, you may also be able to hold the bar accountable for their part in causing the crash. Like any claim, it’s crucial to show that the establishment had a duty of care, breached that duty of care by serving someone they shouldn’t, caused even further intoxication, which led to injuries in a crash.

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