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Mistakes People Make When Speaking with Doctors After a Crash

When you experience a crash, your health should be one of your top priorities. You should be sure to seek medical care quickly to prevent problems with latency issues and other obstacles that can arise. However, you should be careful to avoid common pitfalls when speaking with your doctor.

Your conversation with your doctors should solely revolve around your injuries.

Missing Appointments

If you miss an appointment or divert from your treatment plan, insurance companies may try to use it against you. It’s vital to ensure you are sticking with your doctor’s orders, not only for your case but also for your physical health.

Telling More Than Necessary

If the doctor asks you about your accident, stick with just the facts. Don’t make guesses concerning the factors surrounding the accident. Instead, only tell them what you know to be 100% true and necessary for your medical care.

Lying About Your Health and History

You can severely damage your case if you begin to lie about your health and pre-existing conditions. Make sure you tell your doctor about conditions and injuries you may already deal with so that they can properly diagnose your health and attribute your injuries correctly.

Talking to the Doctor About Your Case

Your lawyer should be the one discussing your case with your doctor to avoid problems. Don’t ask your doctor to provide testimony for your case. Instead, let them focus solely on diagnosing your injuries and providing you with treatment.

Your conversations with your doctor can significantly impact your claim. Make sure you’re taking all the right steps to protect it.

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