woman on her phone looking at vehicle damage

What’s the First Call to Make After an Accident?

When you are involved in a severe accident, you need to make sure that you do everything to protect your rights. As such, it’s vital to make important phone calls that would allow you to build evidence and use it as you file your claim.

Two of the calls you want to make include law enforcement and a legal team. Here’s why.

Calling Law Enforcement

Under Florida law, you might not have to call law enforcement if you experience minor damage and nobody is hurt. However, it never hurts to contact law enforcement for numerous reasons, especially if you experience catastrophic injuries or damages exceeding $500. Here is how law enforcement can help your case:

  • They can arrange for an ambulance to come out so a paramedic can assess your physical well-being.
  • The officer can request statements and information to create an accident report.
  • The officer can determine if drugs or alcohol were involved in causing the accident.
  • They can help you exchange information if the other driver is contentious.

Calling a Lawyer

You may think that it’s a good time to contact your insurance company or the other driver’s provider to report the crash. However, working with a lawyer is the most important thing you can do. Hire a lawyer before you speak with insurance companies to avoid problems that typically arise throughout the claims-filing process.

Remember: Insurance companies often try to limit how much they pay to claimants. When you work with a lawyer, you can receive guidance regarding the recorded statement, discovery, deposition, and more.

At Burnetti, P.A., we aim to safeguard your rights and ability to pursue compensation. Our Florida car accident lawyers stand in your corner because we know how stressful this situation can be for you. Let our team be your voice when you need it most.

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