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Top Causes of Florida Truck Accidents

Before we begin breaking down potential causes and liability, we believe it’s important to acknowledge that passenger vehicle drivers cause around 80% of truck accidents. However, when truck drivers cause a crash, they often result in some of the most catastrophic injuries because of the large size of the truck and the speed at which they travel.

Below, we’ll detail how people in the trucking industry, or even third parties, can cause large truck collisions.

Truck Driver Negligence

Similar to any other driver on the road, a truck driver can cause an accident whenever they are negligent. For instance, if the truck driver is fatigued, distracted, or under the influence, they can cause some of the worst collisions.

Commercial drivers must follow specific laws and regulations to keep others safe. Failure to do so puts everyone at risk.

Trucking Company Negligence

The trucking company can be held accountable for a crash if they fail to maintain their trucks or encourage drivers to ignore regulations. The trucking company can be held accountable for its negligence along with the driver.

Third-Party Negligence

Other companies may be liable if they contribute to an accident. For instance, if a brake manufacturer creates a defective product, they can be held accountable when the truck crashes because of the brake defect. It’s vital to speak with a lawyer to learn more about third-party liability and to move forward with a case.

No matter who is responsible, it’s crucial to determine liability when navigating a claim. Proving someone else is accountable can help when pursuing justice.

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