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What Are the Hours of Service Regulations?

One of the biggest problems for all drivers is fatigue. Countless drivers operate their vehicles when they’re too tired, and they all pose a potential risk to others on the road. Unfortunately, truck drivers pose an even bigger risk because their large vehicles can cause catastrophic harm in an accident. That’s why Hours of Service regulations exist.

The Hours of Service regulations dictate how long a truck driver is allowed to work before they must take a break. Failure to follow these regulations is not only a violation of the laws, but it’s also extremely dangerous. Below, we’ll explain what you need to know and how fatigue can cause the worst type of collisions.

Hours of Service

Drivers in large commercial trucks carrying properties are allowed to work 14 hours consecutively, but only after 10 consecutive hours off duty. In terms of driving, the maximum allowable time to drive is 11 hours following 10 consecutive hours off duty.

The Hours of Service regulations also dictate that the truck driver may not drive more than 60/70 hours within a 7/8 consecutive day period. They can restart their 7/8 days once they’ve taken 34 or more off-duty hours consecutively.

Violations and Why They Happen

Truck drivers are often on a very tight schedule and must meet deadlines to maximize profits for the trucking company. When the trucking company allows or encourages truck drivers to violate the Hours of Service regulations, they can be responsible for any crash that occurs because of fatigue. If you’re the victim of one of these crashes, it helps to have a lawyer to prove your case.

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