large commercial trucks on the road

Types of Truck Accidents to Know About

Trucking accidents are some of the most severe because they involve large commercial trucks traveling at high speeds. The impact is often enough to cause some of the worst injuries. It’s vital to understand what types of truck accidents occur and how to stay safe if you ever encounter one.

Below, we’ll discuss three main types of truck accidents: jackknifes, rollovers, and wide turns. We’ll explain how they happen and help clients pursue compensation by proving negligence and liability.


A jackknife often occurs when the truck driver needs to stop suddenly. The truck may stop, but the attached trailer may continue to move in a different direction. The result is the trailer moving to the side of the truck, forming a jackknife position.


There are numerous reasons why a rollover accident may occur. Here are two of the main reasons why a rollover accident may happen:

  • Speeding on sharp turns: If a large commercial truck takes a turn too quickly, it can roll over onto its side. The speed combined with the weight makes it easy for the truck to overturn.
  • Heavy winds and unevenly loaded trailers: If the trailer is loaded heavily on one side and the driver is in a high-wind area, it can cause the truck to roll over.

Wide Turns

A truck requires a wider turn radius. As such, they must be extra careful at intersections when other vehicles are in lanes next to them or are on the crossing street. If the truck driver doesn’t pay close attention to others, they can cause significant injuries by crashing on a wide turn.

If you suffer injuries in a truck accident, you should know your rights. You can seek compensation in the aftermath of a truck crash.

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